ClientWise Executive Coaching Solutions

ClientWise is the premiere executive business and coaching firm working exclusively with elite financial professionals. Through our Coaching SolutionsProprietary ContentGroup Workshops and Keynotes and Presentations, our mission is to enable financial professionals to become more resourceful problem solvers, more adept practice managers, and owners of incredibly successful, self-sustaining businesses. In turn, they bring these sustainable skills to benefit their clients, their institutions, and ultimately the industry overall. 

Our ability to provide sound industry knowledge through the powerful lens of a coaching partnership is unmatched, and this combination solidifies the ClientWise advantage.

A Broad Range of Coaching Programs for the Financial Services Professional


ClientWise Coaching Solutions combine sound industry knowledge with the powerful impact of a coaching partnership to offer financial professionals complete and customized opportunities for growth in a variety of capacities. 


Taken separately or in conjunction with ClientWise Coaching programs, our Group Workshops offer in-depth insights on a variety of subjects. In addition to our proprietary content, the workshops provide access to extensive and continuous learning opportunities within a select community of top-performing financial professionals.



Inspired by some of the most powerful thought leadership and key influencers in the industry today, our keynotes and presentations are singular experiences designed to stimulate new thinking and learning within the financial services industry. 

  • Seven Part Roadmap For Practice Management Growth™
  • Partnering to Create Powerful Coaching Conversations™
  • Collaborative Conversations for Strategic Results™
  • The Business Case For Strong Coaching Agreements™
  • Letting Go To Grow™
  • Developing A High Performance Team™
  • Keys to Leading an Advocate Approach™
  • Seven Decisions for a Successful Future in Financial Services™
  • The Hallmarks of Mentoring™


ClientWise Coaching Skills Development programs apply the same tactics that our certified and highly trained coaches use in working with financial advisors, to help leaders, branch managers and OSJs improve the performance of their teams to make the most of relationships with clients and centers of influence. 



Our coaching partnerships with thousands of high-performing financial professionals, the data from our Benchmark Assessment Reports (BAR) ™, our ClientWise Coach Insights Database™, and our ClientWise Team research and data analysis, provide front row seats to the trends and influences shaping the financial services industry today. We continually listen to and tap into these resources to generate the best practice management content to fuel improvement for your business. 



The following tools and assessments are available to financial professionals and teams alike, and can be used on their own or in conjunction with the services listed above.