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Since ClientWise was founded in 2006, we have conducted research that has been instrumental in developing a proprietary model for financial advisor practice management, the ClientWise Professional Advisory Model™ (PAM™). The PAM™ breaks down a financial advisory practice into seven key categories focused on leadership, growth, and innovation.

We’ve interviewed thousands of financial advisors and Registered Investment Advisors with a minimum of 10 years of service, $250,000,000 in assets under management, and $3 million or more in production per year to collect the data used to construct this model.

Using the PAM™, our experienced executive coaches and writers of proprietary content work with top-performing advisors to help them improve all aspects of practice management, formulate and execute long-term goals in an effort to achieve growth in new high net worth households served and assets under management. 


7 Key Categories

Organizing Priorities

It’s impossible to succeed without organization and setting priorities; this category helps advisors determine their organizational and staffing priorities across the entire PAM™.

Client Engagement

A key factor in any financial advisory practice, client engagement challenges advisors and their teams to remain engaged with their clients on multiple levels to deliver top-notch service and gain referrals through client advocacy.

Client Acquisition

Without client acquisition, a practice can’t grow. Many advisors lack a coherent client acquisition strategy, so we encourage them to set goals and priorities around client acquisition and create an ideal client type to focus these efforts upon.

Marketing Approach

Through marketing efforts such as social networking, public relations, and inbound marketing, a financial advisory practice can generate leads and successfully convert as many of those as possible into clients.

Team Development

A financial advisory practice is only as successful as its team. Advisors must continually strive to set team goals and encourage their team members to cooperate to build a world-class organization.

Professional Advocates

Working with relevant professionals can result in far more meaningful relationships than mere referrals. By adopting our proprietary Professional Advocate Approach, advisors learn how to nurture relationships and gain quality referrals.


Business & Operations Management

Successfully managing operations is a top priority for advisors who want to scale their businesses and build a wealth management practice that doesn’t depend solely on their efforts. Through making operations management a top priority and hiring operational talent, a financial advisory practice can grow more quickly and the financial advisory can have a higher quality of life both in the office and at home.

Let us guide you to your potential.

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