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Miriam Hyman

Miriam Hyman

Executive Coach, ICF - Professional Certified

Miriam’s experience encompasses 3+ decades in leadership and management consulting, leader and team development/training, group facilitation, and executive coaching, serving a range of client organizations and individual clients. Miriam started her financial services career as an early female pioneer in Deloitte’s NYC audit group, quickly progressing into Deloitte’s management consulting services, where she advised and supported both financial services client organizations and other companies’ internal financial and operations functions. Over the years, as both an affiliated and independent consultant and coach, Miriam’s practice has included large and small national and international companies, tech start-ups, and non-profits, focusing on senior and rising leaders in financial services firms.

Miriam’s coaching supports leaders and teams in clarifying current and anticipated opportunities and challenges, defining meaningful goals and priorities, and then achieving their goals by taking effective and collaborative action. Clients value her role as a trusted partner in their ongoing learning, leadership development, growth and success. By being curious, fully present, listening non-judgmentally and asking relevant and powerful questions, Miriam helps clients recognize, reflect on, and make powerful action-oriented choices based on their own inner awareness, recognition of options, and courage to act.

Miriam’s coaching is deeply informed by her own personal experience growing up as a young girl in an immigrant American family. That experience and her drive to learn and adapt, stimulated Miriam’s lasting curiosity about human nature and the many different ways we humans can choose to respond to life’s opportunities and challenges. Having coached clients across the US as well as in Israel, the Dominican Republic and China, Miriam also recognizes that culture and other internal and external forces deeply influence beliefs, assumptions, stories about what’s possible and how we ultimately behave. And she also knows first-hand how coaching questions can empower clients to reframe how they see things, create new stories, make new choices, act courageously and produce better results.


Recent coaching assignments

Provided leadership coaching for new executives at several financial institutions, all 3 moved into positions with increased responsibility and promotions

Coached CEO of an AIDs organization in accomplishing an audacious fundraising program

Coached a tech start-up team in improving organizational skills and team cohesiveness, increasing their productivity and their results

Coached an associate promoted to a junior partner position in a private equity firm with a clear path to full partnership

Coached CFO in a brokerage company to enhance his leadership and communication skills as well as developing work/life balance strategies

Coached the director of a medical practice with 10 locations in streamlining their practice and increasing profitability

Major league baseball player to better focus and enjoy one of the best seasons of his career, as well as becoming a leader in his community


Education and Professional Affiliations;

B.A. Accounting, City University, NY

International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Graduate of Academy of Coaching Excellence

Conversational Intelligence Practitioner (focusing on Neuroscience)

Certified Narrative Coaching Practitioner (A multi-disciplinary approach that looks at our own narratives and interpretations of events and daily concerns, and identifies how our choices can serve or not serve our desired outcomes)

Certified Trauma Mitigation coach – Lodestar

Certified Team Coach - Team Coaching Studio

Culture change - Culture Sync

Debriefer and Coach for the Maturity Assessment Profile (VEDA)

SEC Roughriders Toastmaster Board of Directors

       NYC ICF Community Outreach and Marketing Committees       


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