Sarah Luther


Team Lead & Senior Relationship Manager

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Sarah Luther is a Relationship Manager at ClientWise. She is passionate
about partnering with our clients to co-create a Professional Development
Plan that allows advisors to think about what they want really want for
their businesses. Sarah has a BA in Communications from Duquesne
University. She began her career as an advisor with New England
Financial and then moved into a Director of Recruiting role. Now
at ClientWise, she has completed the ClientWise Certified Financial
Services Coach Training Program™, an International Coach Federation
qualified program. Sarah’s passion is to dig deep with clients and help
make a difference in not only their professional lives but their personal
lives as well. She currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA with her pug Mugsy.
Sarah has had an impressive past of true athleticism. She has completed
in multiple half marathons and endured multiple themed races. She was
also a nationally qualified bodybuilding bikini competitor in the OCB, a
natural bodybuilding organization.