BAR™ Testimonials

“I was very pleased with how comprehensive the Benchmark Assessment Report was. The questions were extremely focused, which allowed me to think long and hard about how I was running my practice. I now have a better indication of which key areas of my practice need the most work. It was definitely a worthwhile investment.” – Larry W., Thousand Oaks, CA

“In this business, you are either ripe and rotting or green and growing. I realized that I was not fully delivering on the comprehensive wealth management solutions that my best clients expected from me. Through my experience with the Benchmark Assessment Report, I am now green and growing.” – Charles P., Wichita Falls, TX

“First off, the Benchmark Assessment Report gave us valuable feedback on our strengths, which was a positive reinforcement for the way we’re currently operating our business. Secondly, it gave us targeted feedback on areas that needed our attention. With this in-depth analysis, we have already taken action in several areas that are giving us immediate results. For example, we redefined the roles of the advisors in the office and assigned responsibility by client segmentation. This allowed us to utilize our time and skills efficiently. The result is increased client service and deeper client relationships.” – Mike and Tina T., Dallas, TX

“One of the most powerful features of the Benchmark Assessment Report is that you get to see your results on paper—what you’re excelling in and what your weaknesses are. This information helped me prioritize my time better—I no longer spend a lot of time on what is already working. I now focus my attention on those things that need more cultivating. For me, that means building out my Professional Advocate Network.” – Michael J., Orange County, CA