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Program Descriptions


Letting Go to Grow™

Letting Go to Grow™ uses ClientWise proprietary assessments to determine a financial advisor’s potential for progress and their best path to achieve success.  It looks at everything from an advisor’s coachability quotient to their length of service and, using The ClientWise Professional Advisory Model™ and key findings from top performing financial advisors, charts a course for moving forward. Taking into account things such as optimal allocation of time and making the most of conversations with clients, it provides advisors with a different perspective and highlights the changes necessary for success.


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Building Loyal Client Advocates™

Building Loyal Client Advocates ™ is a step-by-step guide to make your most loyal clients powerful tools in growing your client acquisition process. It takes you through the process of discovering your clients in new and comprehensive ways using The ClientWise Conversation™ and helps determine your greatest potential sources for referrals. It outlines tracking tips to keep everything streamlined and organized, and develops a careful process around the very personal practice of generating referrals.


You've Been Framed

You’ve Been Framed!™

You’ve Been Framed!™ assesses the financial professional from a holistic perspective, assuming their fullest capability for success. Using elements of Letting Go to Grow™, The ClientWise Conversation™, and The ClientWise Professional Advisory Model™, it addresses client perception and engagement. You’ve Been Framed™ highlights crucial questions financial professionals should be asking clients and maps out specific next steps based on assessments, what is working well, areas for change or improvement, resources required, and people involved.


Professional Advocate Approach

The Professional Advocate Approach™

TheProfessionalAdvocateApproach™ is a step-by-step guide to maximizing our proprietary process and turning your professional relationships into powerful client acquisition tools. It uses The ClientWise Conversation™ and other unique approaches that generate exceptional results with both your clients and professional partners.


 7 Skills of Emotional Intelligence

7 Skills of Emotional Intelligence™

Emotional Intelligence is a key differentiator in determining a financial professional’s ability to manage relationships with clients, key advocates, and centers of influence. Created in partnership with Genos International, the 7 Skills of Emotional Intelligence™ focuses on the skills necessary to build and measure emotional intelligence in order to develop talent and determine how well an individual will perform with others in a given environment.



Beyond Teaming

Beyond Teaming:
Your Business Built for Growth™ 

This comprehensive program studies the Evolution of a Financial Advisory Model™ as developed by ClientWise. It tracks a successful advisory practice from a solopreneur model to a team structure and eventually to a firm-based business. Success trough this process is contingent upon a professional’s ability to create the capacity, accountability structure, and mindset at each level. Beyond Teaming: Your Business Built for Growth™ details the information financial professionals need to consider throughout every step of the process.



7 Decisions for a Successful Future in Financial Services™

This program details several considerations specific to the financial services industry that advisors frequently overlook when caught up in the day-to-day aspects of their business. Taking into account the current environment and what the future may hold for financial services, 7 Decisions for a Successful Future in Financial Services™ take an extensive and analytic look at key areas related to: the client, the business vision, delivery of wealth management services, growth strategy, measurement and execution, financial sustainability, and filling key strategic roles.

Additional Program Descriptions

All In: Lifetime Maximizer™:

All In: Lifetime Maximizer™ is a presentation developed by ClientWise founder and CEO, Ray Sclafani, and targets the focus areas necessary to achieve the larger vision of your life and work. Created with a similar framework to The ClientWise Professional Advisory Model, All In focuses on 7 key areas that include: Career Planner, Family Matters, Social Connections, Spiritual Center, Mental Mindset, Financial Discipline, and Physical Wellness. It provides several key tools including a Lifetime Maximizer Self Assessment™ and strategies for financial professionals to maximize success in all areas.


Articulating Your Powerful Value Proposition™:

A powerful value proposition is crucial to defining your target market and differentiating yourself in a saturated industry of financial advisors. Articulating Your Powerful Value Proposition™ pinpoints the steps necessary to determine this. It guides you through the process of breaking down your clients known and unknown needs, the solution you provide as their advisors, and the centers of influence you should acquire based on these target markets.


Essential Elements of Social Networking™:

Social networking provides the opportunity to interact with a wider circle of potential clients, professional advocates, community members, and other stakeholders. The Essential Elements of Social Networking™ is intended to help advisors with a social networking strategy that is in line with their current marketing approach and value proposition, to further differentiate themselves through this rapidly developing channel. It provides useful tips and tools, as well as self-assessments and valuable coaching questions to gauge your preparedness for this important transition.


The Leader’s Journey: Lone Ranger to Leader™:

The ClientWise Lone Ranger to Leader™ course helps advisors in leadership roles build and lead high-performing teams that are remarkably cohesive, innately successful, and dedicated to serving their clients. Delivered in a variety of formats, it focuses on becoming the CEO of a team  building a strong team, creating a cohesive team, and learning coaching skills for team leaders. Participants are guided through Ten Key Leadership Transitions broken down into leadership behaviors and learning objectives, and given the opportunity to measure their progress based on the initial Leader’s Journey Assessment™ and targeted exercises.


Team Talent Review™:

The Team Talent Review™ is geared to advisors leading or building a team, who wish to enhance their performance by optimizing the structure of their team members. This is achieved through detailed proprietary assessments that measure coachability and job performance for team leaders, professional staff, operational support, and service and support staff.


7 Part Roadmap for Practice Management Growth™:

The 7 Part Roadmap for Practice Management Growth™ is based on the ClientWise Professional Advisory Model (PAM)™ which is compiled from interviews with thousands of financial advisors, teams, and Registered Investment Advisors with a minimum of 10 years of service, $250 million in assets under management, and $3 million or more in client revenue per year. The PAM™ breaks down a financial advisory practice into 7 key categories, providing a roadmap for business management and growth, as well as a roadmap for workshop content. Each section of the roadmap details strategies to optimize productivity and exercises to achieve targeted growth. 


Top Ten Habits of Effective Study Groups™

This list of study group best practices breaks down the key factors in bringing together a group of financial professionals and creating an effective network of colleagues with which to receive and give mutual support. Built on information generated from hundreds of interviews with top performing advisors, this content provides advice on both the practical and emotional aspects of group work and how to make the most of these best practices.


The Hallmarks of Mentoring™

The Hallmarks of Mentoring™ looks at the mentoring process and relationship as it applies to both mentor and mentee. Giving equal attention to each role, it clearly outlines the necessary attributes for success, and differentiates the mentoring process from that of coaching or advising. This program is intended to help advisors determine the best approach for a given situation and set of goals, and how to effectively implement the mentoring process to achieve those.

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