Building Your Financial Advisor Business

How can you help me with my client acquisition strategies?

At ClientWise, our communication and facilitation techniques are unique and designed to help your financial advisor business become the practice you want. The role of the financial advisor continues to evolve and is making more dramatic changes today than ever before. Becoming relevant and useful to clients has never been more important than today. We’ll show you how to attract, retain and nurture client relationships that support your long-term business plan.

How can you help me build the financial advisor business that I want?

You know how to manage money. We know how to help you manage your time, your staff, your resources and your client relationships to achieve your specific goals. We employ a proven process called “The Contract For Change,” which is designed to identify a clear vision and outline a plan designed to meet the vision for your financial advisor business.  We help you implement what matters and measure your progress and hold you accountable to results.

Do you offer personalized coaching services?

Yes, we offer personalized coaching services to meet your “just in time” needs. Contact us for a complimentary coaching conversation and to learn more about “The Professional Coaching Method™.” In addition to our in-house coaches, we can help you find an independent coach through our Global Coaching Network™.

What makes ClientWise different from every other company providing “value-added” services?

Results and accountability. Most firms offering value-added services are sole-practitioners who use anecdotal methods and test out new ideas on you. At ClientWise, we have a foundation of research and proven methods of success for financial advisor businesses that are guaranteed to enhance your practice.

How can I gauge the effectiveness of the sales training you provide?

We offer an audit program to determine what’s working and what’s not working for your sales team. You can use this audit as a knowledge base to make other decisions about training or you can use it as the first step in hiring ClientWise to close the gaps that matter most for your sales team. Contact us today to learn about the audit program.

What firms have you worked with?

We serve asset management and insurance companies through consulting services, wholesaler training, and value-added program development and delivery. We serve financial advisors and their firms through leadership and sales training and professional business coaching services.

Are you exclusively working with the wirehouse firms?

No. We work with independent financial advisors, insurance firms, private bank advisors as well as wirehouse firms. Our experience across all channels enables us to see trends of success long before most. Particularly as more financial advisors are thinking about transitioning to a different firm, this perspective is most valuable to our clients.

What kind of research does your firm do?

We research trends and demographics that impact the financial advisory business, wholesaling services and best practices among those advisors positioning their practices for the changing needs of the largest demographic in history—the baby boomers. In addition, we can design research studies to serve the unique needs of your firm or practice.

What are the most popular keynote presentations that you currently offer?

We offer presentations on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Insider’s Secrets: What The Best In The Business Don’t Want You To Know
  • Advocate Status – Understanding The Facilitation Role of Tomorrow’s Financial Advisor
  • The Professional Advocate Approach: Proven Process For Generating Referrals From Your Clients Other Trusted Advisors
  • Beyond Value-Added Wholesaling: Meeting the Real Needs of Tomorrow’s Financial Advisor
  • The New Language of The Financial Services Professional
  • Building The Unique Team Program
  • Enhancing Your Differentiating Outreach Strategy
  • The Contract for Change: Transforming Your Unique Vision into Action That Gets Results