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Powerful Communication. Measurable Results. 

As a financial professional in an executive or leadership role, your relationship with your team is incredibly important. The skills needed to successfully manage and lead a team are different from what you use day-to-day on your own, and your ability step into this role can hugely impact your practice. Through our customized individual coaching programs, as well as workshops dedicated to these particular skills, ClientWise offers coaching programs tailored to your particular need, goal, or desired outcome as an executive or leader in the industry today.




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Business Leadership and Executive Development

ClientWise provides extensive opportunities for financial professionals in executive and leadership positions, including those who lead advisors in a CEO or branch manager role. Coaching is a widely accepted powerful practice used in a variety of professional industries to develop high potential employees by creating a sounding board for executives and leaders, and addressing behaviors that might be derailing a process or keeping people from performing at their peak.
We use a variety of tools, exercises and programs to help expedite this process for the financial services leaders, including the selection below:
The ClientWise 90 Day Professional Planner for Leadership Executives™:
This program includes a series of exercises to help the financial services leader determine the best course of action for himself/herself based on quarterly goals, and how that relates to the journey of those who report to him/her, and the success of the business overall.
Partnering to Create Powerful Coaching Conversations™: 
This program was created to develop leaders as coaches andbring the effectiveness of powerful coaching conversations directly to their employees and those they manage.
The Outcome Frame™:
This tool is comprised of a series of questions that start with desired goals and works backwards to determine the best approach to achieve those goals based on a leader’s unique business situation.
The ClientWise Leadership Self-Assessment™:
This exercise takes the financial professional through the process of evaluating himself/herself through the lens of his leadership role. It outlines various types of leadership and examples of each to create commitments around these moving forward.
Lone Ranger to Leader™:
This is a four-part program, given over the course of a year, in which a financial professional is taken through the key transitions required to become a masterful
team leader. These shifts include both the personal attitudinal shifts necessary to become a true team leader, as well as the action-oriented shifts needed to build a strong team.