Seven Questions for Selecting a Coach

Are you considering to partner with a coach or mentor in order to accelerate your growth?

If so, join us in considering these questions, as you prepare yourself to put your business under the microscope.

  1. What is your background, and what kind of assignments would you say are your specialty?

  2. Is there anything unique about today’s environment that has contributed to a change in your coaching style?

  3. In your experience, what is often the bigger issue for teams (individuals, leaders) – the tactical challenges, or the strategic ones? Why?

  4. Based upon your experience, how would you go about helping me achieve my business objectives?

  5. Describe for me an experience, and the results achieved, working with another client with similar objectives for coaching.

  6. Describe the type of client you work best with?

  7. Do you have experience working with professionals outside of the financial services?

Sophia Harbas is Director of Coaching Solutions of ClientWise LLC, an organization founded to support the financial advisory practice of the future. For more information, call 1-800-732-0876.

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