ClientWise Group Workshop Coaching

Taken separately or in conjunction with ClientWise Coaching programs, our group workshop coaching programs offer in-depth insights on a variety of subjects. In addition to our proprietary content, the workshops provide access to extensive and continuous learning opportunities within a select community of top-performing financial professionals.

Our group workshop coaching provides access to: 

  • The ClientWise Community™ which serves as a forum to exchange best practices and engage in peer-to-peer learning with other highly successful advisors.

  • Specific focus on the financial services industry, which allows us to tailor our approach and apply extensive industry knowledge that caters to the needs of financial advisors, as opposed to workshops generalized across several professions.

  • Highly trained coaches who remain steadfast in their commitment to co-creating and co-learning, even in the face of challenging business decisions.

  • Insights on a variety of topics.

If you have 20-50 advisors who are interested in participating in a workshop that is guaranteed to increase their productivity and growth, we will customize a workshop specifically for your group.


For more detailed information on our group workshop coaching, please inquire with our director of Coaching Services Sophia Harbas at