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Heartbleed Bug: What Financial Advisors Need to Know

By ClientWise | April 14, 2014

As a financial advisor, your online security affects you, your team, and all of your clients. If you haven’t heard about the Heartbleed Bug yet, you will soon. Simply put, it’s probably the greatest threat to Internet security that’s ever existed. The scariest part is that it has affected several popular websites and there are so many unknowns with regard to how it’s going to impact people who use them.

The best advice out there is to change your passwords immediately, but only on the sites that have successfully implemented a patch to the encryption flaw.

The team at Mashable has done their due diligence to figure out which sites have been affected and where you should take action change your password now. Click here to read their article and scroll down to the infographic for an easily digestible rundown on what to do next. 

Read Mashable's article here.





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