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Financial Advisors: How to Frame Your Goals in Three. Simple. Words.

By ClientWise | January 7, 2014

The other day I read the following blog post by @chrisbrogan, a provocative writer and thinker who I greatly enjoy and appreciate, "My 3 Words for 2014."


I strongly encourage you to read Brogan’s article, but I'll sum it up in four bullet points:


  • Every year, Brogan does an exercise that provides focus for his goals and planning for the coming year.
  • He chooses THREE WORDS as a guiding beacon for his intentions and actions for the coming year.
  • The idea is to select words as triggers for actions that he intends to take, and maybe other actions/behaviors that he seeks to avoid.
  • He's been doing this for the past 7 years, and it seems to work for him. This year his words are: Lifestyle. Monchu. Black. (Read the full article for an explanation of why he chose these words.)


My observation is that this exercise has good traction with successful financial advisors. In the first place, it uses the simple, straightforward power of words. Secondly, it is not cookie-cutter in that it guides you to choose words that resonate with you. Of course, it doesn't replace setting more specific goals or building an action-based business plan...but it does put your goals within a very compelling package that guides your intention and action.


I selected my three words for 2014 the other day. They happen to be: Courage. Focus. Love. 

  1. Courage. By way of explanation, I've set a few goals that are quite bold for me and outside of my comfort zone. To achieve them, I will need some degree of pluck and valor.
  2. Focus is the key to the achievement of many things, and a word that really seems to spark my energies. Focus is also the make of a great new bike that I’ve purchased, and I've set some pretty outrageous fitness goals for myself this year. 
  3. Love. Some good friends and family have passed away in 2013, which has made me appreciate the tenuous nature of life, and the real appreciation and love that I have for my life, family, and friends.


Anyway, if this helps you...great! If it doesn't, that's ok too.



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