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How Financial Advisors Can Channel Their Inner Usain Bolt

By ClientWise | August 23, 2013

Ok…it’s kinda cheesy using the Usain Bolt simile. But, the man is fast! Best-named sprinter ever too.


There’s a beautiful thing about September and successful financial advisors. They seem to be running wind-aided. Ever run or ride your bike with the wind at your back? It seems so effortless! (We are trusting that Mr. Bolt is not aided by factors other than wind, if you know what I mean.)


For those of you who read this blog consistently, we’ve made this observation previously, and won’t belabor it again. But quite possibly, September is the best month of the year for financial advisors to make something happen.  As coaches to very successful financial advisors, we’ve seen this pattern of September Success time-and-time-again. Too often, in fact, to chalk it up as mere coincidence. 


After Labor Day, everyone seems to return to work, literally and figuratively. There's a buzz in the air, and a can-do attitude. Many financial advisors realize this, and maximize this positive "vibe"...and get stuff done.


So, how can you take full advantage of the vivacity and verve that September brings with it?


Why not set a goal that is courageous, outrageous, frightening, and transformative?


  • We are talking about a goal where the first reaction is: “That’s impossible!”
  • Or… “Even if that was possible, that would scare the dickens out of me to commit to that!”
  • Or… “If I did this then my whole world will have changed in a way that I cannot fully understand now.”


Or maybe it just makes sense to do the things that you’ve been doing all along this year…just do more of it!


Whatever your choice, the outlandish or the sublime, September is an auspicious time to get out in the world, connect to the people that you’d like to, and to get things done.


Enjoy the rest of your summer. Let us know how we can help.


By the way, if you are beginning to think about how coaching can move you forward, download the ClientWise Learning Tool below:



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