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Has Your To-Do List Become a To-Don’t List? D-D-D-D-Do this.

Posted by Chris Holman on Jul 25, 2013 11:11:00 AM


[The following guest post was authored by ClientWise coach, Bobbi Gemma MCC.]

Has your To-Do List become a To-Don’t list? Is it populated by items that never get done-done, and are only kicked down the road day-after-day?

One of our observations regarding successful financial advisors is that they know when to take a cold hard look at their To-Do list with the specific idea of eliminating the extraneous. With brutal intent, they sharpen their pencil and begin crossing off items with big, decisive strokes. 

Here's a hint. Free up time and energy by practicing the 5-D’s with your To-Do list:


  • What can be DUMPED? There’s a lot more that fits this category than we admit!
  • What can be DELEGATED?  Am I really the only one who can do this?
  • What can I just DECLINE to take on? Quit saying ‘yes’ to every request!
  • What can be DELAYED? Will your world fall apart – really – if it isn’t done now?
  • What can be DONE IMMEDIATELY and easily to move it off the list? This is the proverbial low-hanging fruit.


Each day greet your list with the same tough stance and determination to regain control of life rather than have life control you!

When we feel more in control, we waste less of our valuable energy and time. We’re far more efficient, effective and productive. And the added bonus is that we are less tired, less stressed and have energy left to enjoy life!



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