Bill Matyi


Senior Business Consultant

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Bill Matyi has over 19 years of experience working within financial and advisory services. Shortly after graduating with a BA in Finance from St. John’s University, he joined Merrill Lynch. Bill collaborated on a private wealth team with specialization in executive planning, corporate advisory and wealth management services. In 2003, Bill assisted with the private wealth team’s transition to Citigroup/Smith Barney where he had a pivotal role leading the team’s marketing strategies and referral programs.

In 2005, Bill joined Prudential Investments, PGIM, a top 10 institutional money manager. While serving as vice president and regional consultant for over 13 years, PGIM was consistently ranked amongst the fastest growing asset managers and achieved an unprecedented 13 consecutive years of positive third-party institutional flows. During his tenure, Bill was responsible for helping advisory teams design marketing and portfolio strategies, cultivate their individual business model, as well as build and execute around the firm vision.

Bill’s experience within the financial advisory and planning space, coupled with his acute understanding of sales distribution, brings ClientWise a unique perspective that’s truly all encompassing. Bill is a firm believer that “Wirehouse, Independent/RIA and Bank Channel FAs all have something in common – they all need growth, smart growth and smart teams.”

His passion is guiding FA teams to help them discover, focus and execute around a common purpose. Bill also believes “FA’s have been framed incorrectly and their hard work is a meaningful journey of nobility. Because as the industry is constantly changing and their clients are constantly aging, FA’s have no choice but to evolve and execute.”

Bill Matyi currently resides in Davidson, NC, though formally a NY/NJ native. Bill, his wife Carrie Ann and their four children are outdoor enthusiasts. They are avid travelers and continue to be active in their local community. Boating, hiking, biking and fly-fishing are some of their favorite activities. Bill and his family adore their beloved family dog, goldendoodle, Roscoe.